Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl is the ideal choice for low quantity, simple designs containing 1-3 colors. Unlike Screen Printing, there is no set up time or fees, allowing for quick production and turnaround. Heat Transfer Vinyl makes it easy to add names and numbers to existing jerseys and uniforms or customize apparel for special events.

We offer a wide array of colors and finishes such as:
-Metallic, Glitter, Flock, Flourescent and Glow In The Dark

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Useful Info

What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?

Heat Transfer Vinyl, also known as CAD-Cut Vinyl, is a printing technique where the design is cut from sheets of vinyl, and the excess vinyl is weeded by hand then heat sealed to the garment using a heat press.

Are There Set Up Fees?

No, there are no set up fees with HTV. However, if the artwork is not submitted in the correct format there may be an artwork fee. See our Artwork Requirements.

Is It More Expensive To Print On Dark Garments?

No, there is no need for a white underbase. With HTV what you see is what you get.

Do You Offer Price Breaks?

No. HTV is extremely labor intensive, therefore we do not offer any price breaks.
If printing in large quanitites we highly recommend Screen Printing.

Can I Provide My Own Garments?

Yes, you may provide your own garments. However, in most cases we can get the same garments much cheaper since we work with such large quantities .

What Is The Largest Size You Can Print?

Currently the largest size we can do is 14" x 14"

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