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Just about any Company or Group can benefit from using Custom T-Shirts as part of their marketing program. Whether the shirts are for in house use or giveaways, the advertising benefits are endless. Giveaway shirts serve as marketing materials for months, possibly years down the road. When someone wears your Custom Printed Shirts, everyone they encounter are exposed to your Company Name, Logo, Product or Message.

Custom Screen Printed Shirts aren't just for Businesses! Are you, or someone you know getting married, or expecting? Look no further and make your next Event a memorable one with Custom Shirts. With affordable pricing, quality products, and quick turnaround, Limitless Graphix is the best choice for Screen Printing.

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Useful Info

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a technique that uses a mesh stencil (screen) for each color that needs to be printed. Screens are then registered on press to ensure all colors in the design line up properly. Once registered, ink is pushed thru the screen one color at a time. After all colors have been pressed the garment is ran through a large conveyor dyer to cure the ink.

What Are Set Ups & Why Do I Pay A Set Up Fee?

There are many misconceptions on what set up fees are and why you have to pay for them every time you place an order. Set up fees are not just an artwork fee. However, artwork is the first part of the process in getting a job ready for print. Below is step by step instructions on how jobs are prepared for print and what the set up fees entail.

1.) Our Designer separates and isolates each color in the design
2.) Film positives are printed for each color in the design
3.) Each color in the design requires its own screen which is coated in a light sensitive emulsion
4.) Each film is aligned on a screen and 'burned' using our exposure unit.
5.) Each screen is then taken to our wash out booth to remove excess emulsion.
6.) Screens are then taken to our press and 'registered' to ensure all the colors in the design line up
7.) Once the job is complete, all ink is removed and the screen is 'reclaimed'

As you can see there are a lot of steps and time that is involved to set up a job to be screen printed and why we have to charge set up fees every time you place an order, even if it is a reprint.

Process Types

Spot Color Process: Spot Color Process is the most common type of screen printing. This technique separates each individual color in a design and prints each one separately. Ideal for simple designs that don't contain a lot of colors.

Four Color (CYMK) Process: The Four Color Process is a technique used when printing full color images on white garments. The artwork is separated into four different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) and are printed using halftones. We do charge an artwork fee of $50 for this process.

Simulatad Process: Simulated Process is a technique used when printing full color images on dark garments, however with the Simulated Process you are not limited to just the CMYK colors. We do charge an artwork fee of $50 for this process.

What Is Your Turnaround?

Our standard turn around for Screen Printing is 10 - 14 business days. However, large and complex orders may require additional time. Let us know if you have a deadline you need your printed garments in hand by. We can accommodate rush orders, if scheduling allows, for an additional fee. Please note the following turnaround times are upon artwork approval and payment in full. Limitless Graphix will not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control such as; back orders or errors from our distributors, shipping delays and/or inclement weather and power outages. Shipping time is not included in our turnaround time. Once shipment is dropped off to carrier, we are not liable for any delays or missed deadlines.

Screen Printing
- Standard Turnaround: 10 - 14 Business Days - No Charge
- Expedited: 6 -9 Business Days - Add 20% Of The Total Order
- Rush: 2 - 5 Business Days - Add 40% Of The Total Order (Please contact to see if scheduling allows)

Why Is It More Expensive To Print On Dark Garments?

When printing on darker garments it is highly recommended to have a white under base, which allows the colors to be vibrant and not dull. This requires an additional screen charge. If you are on a budget we recommend printing on light garments

How Many Colors Can You Do?

We can print up to 8 colors. However, we do offer different printing techniques for full color images.

Can I Provide My Own Garments?

Yes, you may provide your own garments. However, in most cases we can get the same garments much cheaper since we work with such large quantities .

What Is The Largest Size You Can Print?

Currently the largest size we can print is 14" x 18"

Can I Do A Color Change?

Yes, you can get the same design printed in different colors. We do require a 12 piece minimum per color, and there will be an additional charge of $15 per color.

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